Investor Guides

A series of authoritative Investor Guides by Project Invested, A Project of SIFMA. The site license of each Investor Guide is available for an annual subscription fee and displayed on your website or for electronic distribution.

SIPC Materials

Official publication and member identification materials of the Securities Investor Protection Corporation (SIPC).


An agreement setting forth the legal relationships between syndicate members and permitting the efficient execution of one standardized agreement rather than the execution of separately negotiated legal contracts each time a firm joins a syndicate. For use with negotiated offerings of municipal securities.

Training Videos

A series of training videos and related materials that prepare SIFMA member firms to promote fair and orderly markets, informed regulatory compliance, and efficient market operations and resiliency.

Legal Opinions

Legal opinions related to the Master Repurchase Agreement (MRA); Master Securities Loan Agreement (MSLA); and Master Securities Forward Transaction Agreement (MSFTA).


SIFMA Members may login to access the US Fed Book-Entry Securities Settlement Resiliency Report